Types of Chocolate

Chocolate may be an everyday treat for many people - but not all chocolate is equal. The fact is that there are many different types of chocolate to enjoy. Let’s take a look at the main types of chocolate:

1. Milk chocolate - milk chocolate was created relatively late in the chocolate time-line. It is thought that the addition of milk to chocolate by a Swiss chocolatier in the 1870s helped create this popular version. In basic terms milk chocolate substitutes some of the chocolate content of a bar for milk - this gives a bar of milk chocolate a sweeter and less bitter taste. Some milk chocolate is made from standard milk and some with condensed milk.

2. Plain chocolate - also known as dark chocolate, this form of chocolate has to have a high cocoa solids content to be classified in this way. This is chocolate in its purest form without the addition of milk to temper the taste. It is also the healthiest type of chocolate!

3. White chocolate - many chocolate experts will tell you that white chocolate isn’t actually chocolate at all as it contains cocoa butter rather than cocoa solids! This chocolate gets its colour and mild chocolate taste from cocoa butter, sugar and milk.

In addition to these three primary types of chocolate we also enjoy a range of other options in the chocolate sector. For example, continental chocolates (such as Belgian and Swiss) are often based on pralines and are often made by hand. Ganache chocolates are also popular (and often luxury) choices. Here the chocolate has a soft Ganache/truffle centre before it is rolled into a harder chocolate shell.

And, nowadays, people can enjoy all kinds of flavoured chocolates as well. The chocolate orange taste may have been with us for a while but now it is possible to find all kinds of other flavourings here including chilli and spices.